My depression is a rabid dog

content warning: graphic depictions self-harm; mild cursing; mild reference to an abusive relationship; ends in a positive note —- Once you get the hang of taking your medications religiously, never missing a beat, like it’s second nature, depression starts acting like a wild animal on a leash. A very tight leash. The Babadook metaphor is […]

To the Tissue Papers in this Watercolor World

We each have our own roles. The palettes provide color. The paintbrushes create the image. The hand guides the paintbrush. The water aids the process. But we? We are the tissue paper in this watercolor world. The ones that that clean the mess created by the paintbrushes. The ones who gulp in the excess water. […]

Day 18: Indak by Up Dharma Down

She was lazy Sunday afternoons spent on art museums, she was chill Friday nights on Spoken Word poetry. We met under peculiar circumstances, and we almost never did. We’ve never been affectionate towards each other, perhaps because we respected the rule of never touching masterpieces. We made up for awkward silences, filling the air with […]