To the Tissue Papers in this Watercolor World

We each have our own roles. The palettes provide color. The paintbrushes create the image. The hand guides the paintbrush. The water aids the process. But we? We are the tissue paper in this watercolor world. The ones that that clean the mess created by the paintbrushes. The ones who gulp in the excess water. […]

Writing Challenge

So I gave myself a Writing Challenge today:

Writing Challenge: Give me a word. Within the day, I will make a story using all the random words given to me. If I fail to do include your word, or failed to do the whole thing entirely, I owe you a dare. Only valid until 1:16pm. One person = One word.

End time: 2.30pm.
Words: Banana, Coitus, Giraffe, Tilapia and Erinaceous
A/N: In just an hour, I have written a half-assed tragic love story about a giraffe and a fish. Ok, please don’t hit me if it’s bad. Not physically, anyway. Enjoy!

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