[Bonus] Day 4: An aspiring filmmaker’s opinions on Sozin’s Comet

This is one of the bonus 30-Day-Challenges that I made specifically for me. This bonus 30 day challenge is a bonus because it’s not a general 30 day challenge that everyone else can write about. This day is specifically about the film makers. Under the cut, you will read about the plot, the directing, the writing, the changes, the plot holes, etc.

Note: Everything I write below will be a detailed, opinionated essay that has no source (unless given). I wrote this without listening to anyone else’s opinions on the topic, and without additional research.

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[Bonus] Day 3: The Last Airbender vs. The Legend of Korra

Both shows were good, but here are just some thoughts.

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[Bonus] Day 2: Avatar vs TV Shows

So as I was watching Avatar, I began to compare it with other TV shows that I’ve watched before. Here are my thoughts on how similar, or different, better or worse, Avatar is compared to other TV shows.

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10-Day Challenge on Avatar: Legend of Aang and Korra

My personal story (how I got my hands on it) Avatar vs. TV Shows The Last Airbender vs. The Legend of Korra (world concept, changes, goods and bads, etc.) An aspiring filmmaker’s opinions on Sozin’s Comet (camera angles, animation, soundtrack, etc.) Thoughts on what the show is trying to teach us (symbolisms, metaphors, etc.) A discussion about the […]