[Bonus] Day 4: An aspiring filmmaker’s opinions on Sozin’s Comet

This is one of the bonus 30-Day-Challenges that I made specifically for me. This bonus 30 day challenge is a bonus because it’s not a general 30 day challenge that everyone else can write about. This day is specifically about the film makers. Under the cut, you will read about the plot, the directing, the writing, the changes, the plot holes, etc.

Note: Everything I write below will be a detailed, opinionated essay that has no source (unless given). I wrote this without listening to anyone else’s opinions on the topic, and without additional research.

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[Bonus] Day 4: An aspiring filmmaker’s opinions on Sozin’s Comet

[Bonus] Day 2: Avatar vs TV Shows

So as I was watching Avatar, I began to compare it with other TV shows that I’ve watched before. Here are my thoughts on how similar, or different, better or worse, Avatar is compared to other TV shows.

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[Bonus] Day 2: Avatar vs TV Shows

[Bonus] Day 1: My Personal Story

And my 30+10 Avatar: Last Airbender Challenge begins!

I’ve heard bits and pieces of Avatar: Last Airbender while I flipped the channels consecutively when I was 10. I used to hear its theme song, listened to its opening sequence, but skip it before the title even came out, never knowing how much it would affect me a few years later, during my adolescent years.

How ironic, isn’t it? I fell in love with a kids’ show long after my ‘kid days’ were over.

I haven’t heard from the show ever since then. It ceased to exist in my world as I moved places, as I fell in and out of love, as I cried and laughed and lingered on this earth for days, months, years.

That is, until a friend of my friend recommended it to me. I thought to myself, “What, that kids’ show?… Alright.”

One day, out of boredom, I looked through my files and, seeing as whatever I watch will be watched by my 10-year-old brother, I decided to play it. And boy, that changed my life from then on.

I will never forget the 15th and 16th of April 2014, and the weeks that followed. I finished 61 episodes in two days. A television show that worked blood, sweat and tears for 10 whole years… finished in two days. I will never not be amazed at that, at how fast I fell in love with the show, at how strong I’ve bonded with it in such a short time, at the endless ways one show can affect my future, at how those 2 days could have never happened, and I could never have met Avatar: The Last Airbender and I could have ended so differently from how I end up being now.

Immediately after watching Aang’s story, I clicked the first Legend of Korra episode, and boy do I regret it. Why? Because I experienced exactly what Steve Rogers, The Doctor, and Avatar Aang did. What was minutes for me, was a hundred of years for them. And just like that, within a few minutes, Zuko, Toph, Sokka, and Aang, my sweet sweet Aang who I never truly appreciated while I watched his story, disappeared from the show forever, destined to return for only a few minutes, but still be gone forever.

It struck me so hard I wondered if I was still sane, for how can something fictional, a mere imagination, affect me so much? How can Team Avatar – a group of people who don’t even exist hurt me as much as – or even more than – real people who can actually touch, talk, listen, feel me? I was in a daze.

And to be honest, I still am. Not just towards Avatar, but the whole fandom universe. Avatar was just my medium to realize it.

[Bonus] Day 1: My Personal Story

10-Day Challenge on Avatar: Legend of Aang and Korra

  1. My personal story (how I got my hands on it)
  2. Avatar vs. TV Shows
  3. The Last Airbender vs. The Legend of Korra (world concept, changes, goods and bads, etc.)
  4. An aspiring filmmaker’s opinions on Sozin’s Comet (camera angles, animation, soundtrack, etc.)
  5. Thoughts on what the show is trying to teach us (symbolisms, metaphors, etc.)
  6. A discussion about the world concept introduced by the show (the four nations)
  7. My opinions on what they lacked/could have improved on
  8. A deep meta focused solely on the protagonist 
  9. A talk about Zuko (his redemption arc, what if he was a villain, vs. other villains, etc.)
  10. A review on the Gaang or Team Avatar, and on how they balance each other out 
  11. [Bonus]: My experience with the fandom as a whole
10-Day Challenge on Avatar: Legend of Aang and Korra