Short Story – An old couple in the park

There was an old man sitting on a bench in a park a few feet from his wife, his hands on his knees.

The woman was clenching the edge of the bench tightly, trying to put on a mask of indifference as she looked at the scenery before her, trying not to think of the fact that her son will never see the beauty she’s looking at right now. If she can have her son back but have the dark skies in exchange, she’d willingly have no sun at all if it would mean her son would be alive.

But he’s not, and he never will be. Because of his murderer who is sitting, alive and free, just a few feet away from her.

Short Story – An old couple in the park

Writing Challenge

So I gave myself a Writing Challenge today:

Writing Challenge: Give me a word. Within the day, I will make a story using all the random words given to me. If I fail to do include your word, or failed to do the whole thing entirely, I owe you a dare. Only valid until 1:16pm. One person = One word.

End time: 2.30pm.
Words: Banana, Coitus, Giraffe, Tilapia and Erinaceous
A/N: In just an hour, I have written a half-assed tragic love story about a giraffe and a fish. Ok, please don’t hit me if it’s bad. Not physically, anyway. Enjoy!

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Writing Challenge

The Doctor Saves


One fine afternoon, a girl wanted to jump off a bridge. She stood on the edge, between life and death. She held her breath and closed her eyes. Took one step forward-

Fingers wrapped around her arm and pulled her-

She wobbled and fell backwards, on the wrong side of the bridge-

And felt herself being carried by two strong arms on her back.

In a blur, she was standing upright, breathing heavily on someone’s shoulder. She felt the person’s heart beating fast, and she tried to blink the tears away. She allowed herself a moment of peace, closed her eyes and dropped her head on his. The girl struggled to keep her breathing normal, tried to unclench her tight throat.

She opened her tear-filled eyes, to catch a glimpse of something peculiar – a scarf loosely wrapped around his neck. She frowned as she tried to make sense as to how she could have seen it before. She tried to pull back, get a bigger picture, but the man pressed her head toward him.

“Listen,” the man said. “There are Weeping Angels all around this city.” She gasped, startled. “We need to get to safer grounds. And fast. Weeping Angels are-“

“I know what they are,” she managed to get out.

“Oh. Great. You know what to do?”

“Don’t blink,” she said, determination in her voice.

The man bent down to whisper, “And run.”

He grabbed her hand, and off they went.


One fine afternoon, a boy saved a life unintentionally. He was walking home from a day filled with absolute happiness at the heaven called Sci Fi Convention, when a girl caught his attention. She had her left foot forward, her eyes closed, and her whole body screamed “please help me”. Without thinking, he did.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her back, catching her as she fell. He straightened her up and hugged her tightly, his mind panicking as it replayed the image of the girl about to jump. In an alternate universe, the girl he is holding right now is floating dead on the river. Fear crept up to him, panic rose once again. At the back of his mind, he thought, how many people have thought of dying today? How many of those people weren’t saved? A thousand thoughts started running through his mind. How this girl has a family somewhere, and how they would have reacted if he hadn’t done what he did. He reveled at how one simple act can mean so much.

He was still paralyzed when the girl started pushing away. Heart beating fast, he held her tighter. What if she intended to do it again? I have to get her out of here. I have to talk to her. I have to tell her she’s not alone. But I… she doesn’t know me.

“Listen. There are Weeping Angels all around this city,” he blurted. Oh no. He blinked, flustered at his own mouth. “We… need to get to safer ground. And fast.” He paused for a moment before he realized that ‘Weeping Angels’ is not a common thing everyone knows. “Weeping Angels are-“

“I know what they are,” she croaked.

He blinked. Then smiled. “Oh. Great. You know what to do?”

“Don’t blink,” she said, and he felt her nod.

Without hesitation, he bent down and whispered, “And run.”

He grabbed her hand, and they did.

One fine afternoon, the doctor saved a life, even when he wasn’t real. 

The Doctor Saves