10-Day Challenge on Avatar: Legend of Aang and Korra

  1. My personal story (how I got my hands on it)
  2. Avatar vs. TV Shows
  3. The Last Airbender vs. The Legend of Korra (world concept, changes, goods and bads, etc.)
  4. An aspiring filmmaker’s opinions on Sozin’s Comet (camera angles, animation, soundtrack, etc.)
  5. Thoughts on what the show is trying to teach us (symbolisms, metaphors, etc.)
  6. A discussion about the world concept introduced by the show (the four nations)
  7. My opinions on what they lacked/could have improved on
  8. A deep meta focused solely on the protagonist 
  9. A talk about Zuko (his redemption arc, what if he was a villain, vs. other villains, etc.)
  10. A review on the Gaang or Team Avatar, and on how they balance each other out 
  11. [Bonus]: My experience with the fandom as a whole

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