[Bonus] Day 2: Avatar vs TV Shows

So as I was watching Avatar, I began to compare it with other TV shows that I’ve watched before. Here are my thoughts on how similar, or different, better or worse, Avatar is compared to other TV shows.

  • vs How to train your Dragon: Riders of BerkI chose this particularly because, like Avatar, it is also a TV show whose target audience is mainly children. The obvious difference here is that Riders of Berk is a spin-off for the movie How to Train your Dragon, which was an adaptation for the book written by Cressida Cowell. Avatar is an individual show.

    Both also has the hero ending up with the girl. Another similarity between these two is the friendship between the ‘gang’. Team Avatar and the Riders of Berk have profound bonds among each other. They… basically became family. And as we watch them grow throughout each episode, they became our family too.

  • vs Doctor WhoThe adventures of the Doctor and the adventures of Aang are similar, in a way that they both teach us a lesson each episode. They can be lessons to teach us more about the main character, or the minor characters’ subplot, or a separate subplot that teaches us a moral lesson instead.

    In a way, if you think about it, both shows also travel through time. In Doctor Who, we saw a lot of that, obviously. In Avatar, it’s a little more subtle. See, whenever Aang talked to his past selves, he was taking us back to the time when Avatar Roku or Kyoshi or Wan made their own legends. Both shows were also about appreciating different cultures. In Doctor Who, we were introduced to aliens with different physiques and ways of living, and introduced the idea that humans can live harmoniously with them. It hits a little closer to home when it comes to Avatar, though.

  • There are 4 nations in the show. Each nation was adapted from different cultures, philosophies and beliefs; some of which are Chinese, Hindu, Greek, etc. They are scattered all over the show. They have Chinese characters in the beginning, different fighting styles from different countries, etc. In a way, Avatar’s universe is a world where every culture was combined, united, and mixed into one.  It’s a beautiful world concept, to be honest.
  • vs other Nickelodeon shows I’ve never felt an attraction this strong towards any other kids’ show. Every other kids’ show seems to have no plot. Each episode varies from another. There is no sign of a continuation. I’m probably biased, since the only shows I ever felt interested to watch when I was young were Spongebob, Danny Phantom, Tom and Jerry, Fairly Odd Parents, etc.

Although each has been a notable presence in my life, I deeply regret not watching Avatar during my childhood.


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