[Bonus] Day 1: My Personal Story

And my 30+10 Avatar: Last Airbender Challenge begins!

I’ve heard bits and pieces of Avatar: Last Airbender while I flipped the channels consecutively when I was 10. I used to hear its theme song, listened to its opening sequence, but skip it before the title even came out, never knowing how much it would affect me a few years later, during my adolescent years.

How ironic, isn’t it? I fell in love with a kids’ show long after my ‘kid days’ were over.

I haven’t heard from the show ever since then. It ceased to exist in my world as I moved places, as I fell in and out of love, as I cried and laughed and lingered on this earth for days, months, years.

That is, until a friend of my friend recommended it to me. I thought to myself, “What, that kids’ show?… Alright.”

One day, out of boredom, I looked through my files and, seeing as whatever I watch will be watched by my 10-year-old brother, I decided to play it. And boy, that changed my life from then on.

I will never forget the 15th and 16th of April 2014, and the weeks that followed. I finished 61 episodes in two days. A television show that worked blood, sweat and tears for 10 whole years… finished in two days. I will never not be amazed at that, at how fast I fell in love with the show, at how strong I’ve bonded with it in such a short time, at the endless ways one show can affect my future, at how those 2 days could have never happened, and I could never have met Avatar: The Last Airbender and I could have ended so differently from how I end up being now.

Immediately after watching Aang’s story, I clicked the first Legend of Korra episode, and boy do I regret it. Why? Because I experienced exactly what Steve Rogers, The Doctor, and Avatar Aang did. What was minutes for me, was a hundred of years for them. And just like that, within a few minutes, Zuko, Toph, Sokka, and Aang, my sweet sweet Aang who I never truly appreciated while I watched his story, disappeared from the show forever, destined to return for only a few minutes, but still be gone forever.

It struck me so hard I wondered if I was still sane, for how can something fictional, a mere imagination, affect me so much? How can Team Avatar – a group of people who don’t even exist hurt me as much as – or even more than – real people who can actually touch, talk, listen, feel me? I was in a daze.

And to be honest, I still am. Not just towards Avatar, but the whole fandom universe. Avatar was just my medium to realize it.


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