‘When They See Us’ Review

No other form of media – no movie, no tv series, no book, /nothing – has even come close to evoking the raw empathy, sorrow, and absolute rage I felt while watching this docu-drama series. It is a present day ‘Schindler’s List’ – it is uncomfortably, heartbreakingly, real. Except, everyone involved are all still alive […]

The sad fact they will never tell you about living with a mental illness

One sad fact they will never tell you about living with a mental illness is that, once you tell your friends and family about it, especially if the illness is emotion- or behavior- related, people will never treat you the same way again. You will realize that you have friends or relatives who will stop […]

My depression is a rabid dog

content warning: graphic depictions self-harm; mild cursing; mild reference to an abusive relationship; ends in a positive note —- Once you get the hang of taking your medications religiously, never missing a beat, like it’s second nature, depression starts acting like a wild animal on a leash. A very tight leash. The Babadook metaphor is […]

A Case Study on the Mental Well-being of the Class 1-A Students from My Hero Academia

Author’s note: There are some things I need to clarify before we start with this topic. We will be analyzing a lot of scenes from the anime in detail, so consider this as a warning for major spoilers. If you haven’t watched it, that’s fine, I wrote it in a way that non-watchers can hopefully […]

2. Dealing with Prejudices against People with Mental Health Issues

I’ve always been open to my close friends about my mental health issues. People know I have depression. People know I have suicidal thoughts. People know that I’m strugging. I believed that by showing vulnerability, I would welcome others to open up about their own mental health problems. But, something I’ve been struggling with currently, […]

1. Seeking Professional Help

A friend once told me that he was afraid of seeking professional help, because that would mean having an official diagnosis, and to him, that meant sticking to a label, remembering that label every moment of his life, and accepting that there was something wrong with him. Another reason why he didn’t want to get […]