Hi! I’m Nikoleta.

This blog is basically my personal archive. You can find rants that I’ve made in the heat of a moment – say, out of anger, bliss, or depression.

You can also find written works that I was forced to do in school, so forgive me if they’re a bit random at times. They range from critic papers for Economics to essay reviews about poetry.

Sometimes, I find myself missing the feel of my fingers tapping away on the keyboards, and I end up with something far from a masterpiece, but a piece of work nonetheless. They can be about my personal life, or the world as a whole.

When I feel emotional about a certain book or film or show, I write a review about them and try to analyze its symbolisms, metaphors, morals and mistakes.

There’s more to this blog than just one topic. And I apologize for my inconsistencies. My thoughts are simply stars that I cannot form into constellations.

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