“RE: Filipinos saying we should move on”

  Don’t you dare associate heartbreak with socio-political traumas On top of the reasons why, is that theirs ended with a period; yours, a comma Never think that your tears over a lover is the same grief victims feel Opposition led the powerful to send Death to many; your sad songs Tell about a boy […]

Film Review: “Hunger Games – The Mockingjay Part 2”


Reviewing for Kas 1 (Philippine history) over a cup of good coffee just a few hours before watching ‪#‎MockingjayPart2‬ really does a lot to your brain. Add in the fact that you’ve been keeping a close eye on recent social issues, and there you go – the end result will be a perfect blend of over analysis and mind-blowing revelations.

Here’s a semi-review, leaning more on comparisons and implications and less on the film itself.

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Our Society… and Game of Thrones

You know, with everything that’s been happening recently, I can’t help but wonder about what’s happening up there at the top of the economic chain with the political leaders. It’s like some Game of Thrones shit. I mean we know only 10% of what’s really going on. That’s all the media shows – just a […]

Re: “Social media is ruining our lives”

I’ve seen a lot of posts on Facebook about my generation. #ThisGeneration? #TheMEGeneration? The “what happened to going outside”, the “I remember when children played in the playground”, the “my generation is better”… I’ve seen them all.

People have been complaining about social media taking over our lives, but, ok, take a moment to look at it this way.

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