Day 4: Pangarap Lang Kita by Parokya ni Edgar ft. Happee

He’s never been patriotic, but I can never help but talk in my mother tongue whenever I was with him. He’s the first person you’ll go to when you have to ask about school. He’s always seen himself as a pillar – a plain block of nothingness, with no other purpose than to support the people around him. And I was a stupid painter who fell in love with the idea of blank canvasses, and painted him with all the colors of my soul. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that, you can show your love to a canvass by filling it from head to toe with a splash of paint, and it will still be incapable of giving anything back. He was naught but a reflection of my own soul, despite the fact that I painted him in the hopes that one day, perhaps, he’ll show me his own.


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