Wonder Woman (2017) Review

The last time I felt soooo hyped after watching a movie was back in 2012, when I first watched the Avengers. And now, for the first time in 5 years, I left the cinema with my whole body shaking. Excitement, sadness, melancholy, inspiration, motivation.
In all honesty, this is the first time I felt so alive in such a long time. So full of hope. So full of love. Just watching it saved me. It sounds corny, being ~changed by a Hollywood action superhero film but it’s true U_U And isn’t that what film making is all about? To inspire others?
That’s what The Avengers (2012) did for me. It gave me a community that made me feel like I belonged, it made me meet a whole bunch of awesome people online. Something I deeply needed while growing up. But now, 5 years later, watching Wonder Woman made me realize that these are more than just a hobby for me now.
(Well I’m still kinda really excited to explore the fanbase and the community, read ALL the comics, watch ALL the animated shows, maybe dive deeper into other DC movies and OH DEAR LORD I AM ON BOARD THIS THOR X WONDER WOMAN THING!! HAVE YOU SEEN HOW ASGARDIAN-LIKE THE ISLAND WAS?? THE POSSIBILITIES, MAN. #LETSMAKEITHAPPEN –)
ANYWAY. Fangirling aside, while watching the movie, I noticed that the action scenes were too unbearable for me to watch at times. Seeing the soldiers being blown up, I was reminded that this really happened in real life, during the World War. Innocent lives were killed. Villages burned. And they didn’t have a superhero to save them.
I became more aware of its implications, its symbolism, for the real world we face today.
With all the terrorist attacks all around the world, especially in my own country in Marawi, and the continuous attacks in the Middle East, Wonder Woman urges us to never lose our empathy for others, especially those who cannot fight for themselves. To never be desensitized by the death toll that keeps rising by the day.
What a powerful movie. Hopefully, powerful enough to make a handful of powerful people snap out of their own greed, and make other people believe that they can save the world, one day at a time.

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