DLSU-IS Practicum 2014

On my first day back to my province after a long and stressful month of college, my sister mentioned that a few of her friends still think I’m ~cool, because of the stunt I pulled 2 years ago during our Practicum.


Our high school gives its Grade 11 students a chance to become a teacher for a day, and we call this our ‘Practicum’. It’s to help us appreciate the work our teachers do everyday by stepping into their shoes.

For a day, I became an adviser for a Grade 9 class (my sister’s batch), and a Christian Living teacher for 3 classes. I was to teach the history of the church – in one day, for 1 hour, three times. And boy, did I gave it my all. I tailored my PowerPoint to suit their needs and made sure it wasn’t boring. I added videos that personally made me learn more about Christianity.

Two Years Later…

I can still remember a few of their faces – with their knuckles on their chins, eyes squinting, but filled with curiosity. I can still remember how, at the end of my last class, I asked a student to lead the prayer. Surprisingly, the student made a personal prayer, instead of the usual “I will continue, o my God, to do all my actions for the love of you”. And I can still remember him saying “Thank you for today’s lesson, and most of all, thank you for our student teacher”. And I was so moved. The next day, I gave the class a handwritten letter, telling them how thankful I was for having them, even if it was just for a day.

Two blood-draining, tear-filled college years have led me to become a mess of a person – the kind where a voice inside your head mocks, “Where’s your god nOW?!”. Two years have given me a lot of experience, and it has taken most of my soul in exchange.

But two years later, I was suddenly reminded of that first time I taught a class. Out of the blue, I hear that my sister’s friends – who were my students then – still look up to me to this very day because of that Practicum.

I was suddenly reminded of all the reasons why I was here, on this tiny archipelago, on this tiny city.

I want to make more children wonder. I want to teach. I want to contribute in making a better educational system – one that does not let them forget their mental and physical health in the way of achieving academic success.

I have had my fair share of school abuse, and maybe some people think all this stress in high school is ‘normal’. But I am an advocate of having a better educational system. One where every day is informational and aspiring to both teachers and students alike.


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