Film Review: “Hunger Games – The Mockingjay Part 2”


Reviewing for Kas 1 (Philippine history) over a cup of good coffee just a few hours before watching ‪#‎MockingjayPart2‬ really does a lot to your brain. Add in the fact that you’ve been keeping a close eye on recent social issues, and there you go – the end result will be a perfect blend of over analysis and mind-blowing revelations.

Here’s a semi-review, leaning more on comparisons and implications and less on the film itself.

Here’s a few things to remember:

– The war between President Coin and President Snow is a lot like the war between Robb Stark and Cersei Lannister, and a LOT like the one happening right now between Paris and Syria – which is to say, many innocent civilians and many more soldiers have died just because the people with power feel that they either need to take revenge, or avenge the ones they love. This message stuck with me the most, especially that one scene…

– Never trust what they show you on TV. The media knows just how well your mind works, and would show you anything to get you on their side. And if it’s not propaganda they’re showing, it’s ignorance. Learn to research.

– The idea of the Philippines being ‘regionalistic’ came to mind as I thought of the Panem districts going against each other. Throughout our history, Filipinos have never really united. That’s why our revolution failed. That’s why it was so easy for the Spanish and Americans to conquer us. This is also evident in the new film, Heneral Luna (2015).
See: “Kalaban ng kalaban. Kalaban ng kakampi” (Enemy of our enemies. Enemy of our friends)

– BUT. They did unite in the end, but only because they had a common enemy – Snow. Do we have a common enemy? No. That’s why we’re still in this mess. Do we need one, in order to have the same peace that Panem received in the end?

And with that question in mind, here’s a little food for thought:

They say that in order for us to have peace, we must first have war. We see this in the Hunger Games series. The districts were divided, enslaved, and suffering under the rule of a tyrant. They achieved peace in the end, yes, but only after so many sacrificed their lives.

With the APEC happening right now, we are still being divided. In social media, we fight over the simplest things like filters in profile pictures, pro-APEC vs anti-APEC, and whatnot. Meanwhile, everyone is still being enslaved under the rule of a corrupt government…

Can we only be united, can we only finally achieve peace, once we’ve sacrificed our own lives, once we have a massive amount of losses?

Of course, let’s pray it won’t come to that, for the sake of those we love… but what if there’s no other choice? CAN you sacrifice your life, so your children never have to?

Can you be the symbol of hope, the Mockingjay of our era?
Can you be the one who will break the wheel, the Daenerys of our time?
Or will you just stand by?
Bayan, o sarili? (Country, or self?)


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