Day 14: Do I Wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys

She was the static you see on TV and hear on the radio, the ringing in your ears as the darkness crept up your ankles, the unbearable sweat clinging to your neck during the summer heat. She was society, with all its piercing criticism evident in the irises of its judgmental eyes. She was society, all messed up and yet, accepted by everyone. She was a constant buzzing wherever you went, a humming that once sounded like a melody, but now resembles nothing but a fly. Her words have paralyzed me, even though I wanted to thrash around as her whispers tickled my ear long after she was gone. She was all 7 deadly sins oozing out like black tar, as she spewed out words of self-righteousness like it was the sweetest thing to taste her lips. She was this whole paragraph – a paradox, a vomit of words, hard to write, harder to continue reading, nonsensical, scattered, blurry, incomplete


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