Day 12: Chocolate by 1975

She was wild hair, weird accents, and weirder relationships. She was an unexpected anomaly, discovered in the nick of time before she disappeared completely. She was wind one moment, and hurricane the next – never the same at any one point of the day. She was groovy dance moves in the middle of October and quiet days on the meadow in June. I fell into the rabbit hole, and she? She wasn’t the Mad Hatter. Neither was she the cheshire cat nor the queen of hearts. She was Wonderland itself, with the cartography of a fictional universe carved at her back. She wasn’t just the Mad Hatter. She was everyone all at once. And I was her Alice, just a visitor passing by, brave enough to hold her at both sides of her head, forehead to forehead, whispering soft encouragement,  reminding her that her madness was just as brilliant as the brush strokes she made.


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