Day 9: Marching On by One Republic

He had a goofy smile, kind brown eyes, and an innocence so pure I flinch every single time we touch, for fear that I will one day taint him with my hot black tar of flaws. He was a ray of sunlight seen through a droplet of morning dew – uniform, pure, and most of all, intangible. Lovely to be seen, yet bound never to be held. He was pleasant on my skin, however, and the sight of him made the corners of my lips twitch up like without permission. Walking alongside him made me feel like I deserved to tread along the path of righteousness, despite all of my past wrongdoings. But sunlight has a way of blinding people who have been used to the night. There are times when, admittedly, walking alongside him made me realize my incompetence, and it is for that reason that I know I can never be alongside him for too long. Darkness was all I’ve ever known, and the pleasantness he made me feel on my skin somehow felt like it should have burnt me down to dust by now. And yet, how can I ask him to move away when his warmth made me feel like the ice inside me was melting away, making me one with the rest of the peaceful lake down below? He was sunlight, and I loved watching him as the sun set, as he bowed down to kiss the darkness out of my forehead, creating a twilight of purple skies above peaceful lake. He was sunlight, and here I am, hoping that the next time we will embrace, the intensity of my being will not engulf his too much that he goes away completely.


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