Day 1: Unlost by The Maine

He’s never the first person you will remember, yet you can never mistake him for someone else. When people think of him, they’ll chuckle, they’ll smile, and say, “Ah, him”. What others don’t know is that he is a lake in a world full of ocean waves. Others clash around and stretch themselves to reach the land. But he was an island of his own, welcoming those who have found him. The feel of his purity is enough to cleanse a passing visitor. However, he hides a depth of deafening wonder inside him, a priceless treasure for those determined enough to stay. And when gripping his hand becomes the only thing in this world that you hold on to, he’s not the type to tighten his fingers around yours as comfort. He’s the type who will stay still until the stagnancy of his being reaches the entropy of your mind.


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