The Tragedy of the Self-Entitled Girl with the Flames

I can hear the whispers from a mile away
As I post my advocacies online
I can see them shaking their heads in disappointment
and scrolling away my fire.

They say I’ve changed into something flammable,
something dangerous. I should tone it down.
They say I should stop lest I burn myself
Can’t they see that their words make me drown?

I was never afraid to burn myself
For I knew I was going to be the light
But I was a fool. The flames have blinded me
And now I kill the fire to return my sight

I promised myself I won’t be a droplet in the ocean
I would let my flames lick people’s eyes open wide
But their words burned hotter than my passion
So, like everyone else, I shall stop asking the “why”s

Never will you see another advocacy
Never will you hear another battle cry
I cannot war with others’ demons
When I can barely stay alive defeating mine

So say farewell to that girl on fire
She has long gone turned into ash
What’s left of her now is her teardrops
Going with the flow of the sea

Is this not what you have wanted?
Well for once, you get what you wished
Say farewell to that girl on fire
Your spit has died down her flames

I say farewell to dreams of making a legacy
I should’ve known even statues of heroes would rot
All I have now is a written tragedy
And now my heroic efforts are for naught

This is the last you’ll hear from me
The self-entitled girl with the flames
Fire was never to be played by children
Once burnt, now sworn – never again.


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