The Wonderers

[A/N: Created year 2012]

Their job’s to sit and think things through

To solve the problems, and to see to

It that nothing ever comes in way

So that they’ll live to see another day

All around them’s chaos and fire

But the Wonderers will never retire

They work to fix the problems in their mind

That’s why they’re always so occupied

Their job’s to sit and close their eyes

Isn’t it tiring not to wake and rise

To see the progress you have done

Shame that still, they have none

Isn’t it tiring to laze about

To frown and never move your mouth

The Wonderers give their life to save

Everyone else who’ll never say,

“Oh thank you, dearies, you’ve cleared our bill!

You’ve solved our problems!” No, they never will

For they are not unseen but overlooked

A minor character in a book

But once, they saved a little girl

Gave her another day to dance and twirl
Less than ten, that was her age

When she was caught, hopeless and caged

By the devil who breathed hot fire

Who everyone knew to be a wretch, a liar

The Wonderers sat and did what they did best

And wondered how to put their wond’rings to the test

Save the innocents, that’s what they do

They’ve saved millions, they will save this one too

But this was the devil, who always wanted

Something in return, and soon he grunted,

“Keep this girl in my hell, that’s what I’ll do!

If you don’t fulfill my condition, behold, I have two!

One, no one shall ever be happy for more

Than a couple of days, or there shall be gore

On the little girlie I have in my command

So destroy them, Wonderers, and I’ll give her where you stand

Two, if the first shall be fulfilled,

The girl’s no exception, she will be killed

If I give her to you, she will be dead

Naught but a corpse, oh yes, I am mad!

But mercy I have, so I ask for just one

Thing from her; and then she can run

Away from me as far she she can

All I ask is for happiness to end

Never shall she be able to smile!

Can you sacrifice the chidlhood of a child

To save the lives of the world you protect?

The world I so wish that I can wreck!”

And so the Wonderers think and think and think

How can they destroy the world’s peace in a blink

Of an eye? But you can see the Wonderer’s decision

You can see it all in your peripheral vision

They saved the girl and no one’s been happy ever

Since for more than a couple o’ days, that’s how it is forever.


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