We Promised

[A/N: Created year 2012]

We promised not to forget, but why do we act like we don’t remember?
We used to laugh at everything, but why do we not greet each other anymore?
It wasn’t supposed to be this way, but we knew this day was coming,
We pretended anyway, but the future was always there, looming, waiting.

We promised it won’t end this way, but all those promises were for naught,
Suffering in the moment called today, no longer in the warmth we once sought.
It shouldn’t have ended this way, pretending not to know, pretending not to care.
But we do it anyway, and it pains me to know you’re always there.

We promised, we promised! We jested but deep inside we meant it,
When we said, “Together, we’ll face what was coming”
It was a thread that to something more, we trusted each other not to cut it,
We didn’t, but instead did the unimaginable. You let go, I started lying.

We ended up going our separate ways, saying goodbye to our counted days.
Not really what we wanted, there was still so much to say.
But behind the regrets and the pain of losing you,
No matter what happens, I’m still hoping for us, together, tomorrow.


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