“You win or You die”

Jon Arryn was poisoned
Ned was beheaded
Oberyn’s head exploded
The Hound was left untended

Little girls are no exception
Myrcella unknowingly kissed a deadly potion
Shireen was burnt alive for a witch’s curse
But remember when Arya and Sansa’s innocence had died first

Renly was killed by his own brother
Robb was stabbed, witnessed by his own mother
Tyrion killed his own father
And Selyse, out of guilt, killed her.

Looking back to the oldest book, the Bible,
Written in the oldest chapter, Genesis
Out of envy, Cain has slain Abel
The righteous has lost once again – the victor? Their nemesis.

All my childhood, I was promised a prince charming and a happily ever after.
But Game of Thrones taught me the cruelest law of all, oh look what I’ve become
They raised us all these years to be children of summer,
when they should have been preparing us for the long winters to come

Winter is coming, and child, learn what battles you must fight
There are always two kinds of people: Those who fight to survive,
and those who fight for what’s right.
Truly, in life, do you do what you must to be just,
or must you bleed others dry to be alive?

© Anilyn Nikoleta


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