Makeup Artist

Makeup is a unique form of art wherein you are both the painter and the canvass.

People don’t understand the amount of effort it takes to make a masterpiece when the canvass changes every time. Each one has a different face structure, has a different skin color, has a different taste. Don’t get me started on the number of paintbrushes, colors and ways you can paint it.

There is something reassuring about the fact that each dip of the brush on the paint, and each peck on their face, can make so much difference. It felt as if something was hanging in the balance, as if my hand had the power to create change.

There is beauty in what I do. Beauty is what I create.

People think makeup is aesthetic. It’s ‘fake’. It’s not ‘natural beauty’. It’s just layers and layers of man-made cosmetics covering our true looks.

There’s more to being a makeup artist than that. We makeup artists see people just as how a writer sees a blank piece of paper, or how a painter sees a blank canvass.

It was never about pleasing their prom date or boyfriend, or anyone else. Just as how a book’s fame is just a side-effect of a writer’s hard work, society’s compliments are just a side-effect of the end product of my work.

It was about pleasing her – the canvass that speaks, the blank piece of paper that has a dream in mind.

Makeup is, perhaps, the most selfless and in a way, the most selfish form of art. The product is between the painter, and the painted on. It’s about harmony. Does she want her cheeks to be pink? Does she want a darker eyeshadow? It’s between me, and her. That’s all it is.


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