Project Occupation

This Summer 2015, I’m going to start “Project Occupation”, a writing project that I thought of on my own.

Many have walked past these people without a second glance. This writing project will help me as a writer and you as a reader experience any and every thing these people might have experienced in their occupation. Let me put us all into their shoes.

I have always been curious about different people walking through their separate paths of life. I have always wondered what they were thinking, what their dreams were, what their motivation was, their drive. I wondered if they were really as happy as the media showed they were, if they were really envious of others.

Maybe by hitting them with assumptions, one day, someone would point out my wrongs, and we could all learn together, be it an “Oh, this was how it was” or an “Oh, so this was what they thought of me”.

Suggestions for Project Occupation are welcome.

Criticism are even more so.

For the main purpose of this project is for both parties to learn and become more open-minded.



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