I love my job. People do not understand why. Let me explain.

The moon is up and I am on my weathered chair. I ignite the car, and the vibration of the engine rang throughout my body, like it always did. I sped away, the highway lights passing by me. When I’m on the road like this, I feel like the world is revolving around me.

The map of the whole city was in my head, the people I need are all around me. Traffic slows down my journey, and I use this time to look around me. I play a little game with myself sometimes when traffic awakens my boredom.

When someone raises their hand, and look at the hood of my car instead of my face, I feel… different. I feel all kinds of things when I see these huge crowds of people walking along the streets. There’s sadness, indifference, curiosity, happiness. All kinds. Sometimes I’m a bit annoyed at their mask of indifference. Other times I’m filled with wonder – what are they thinking? What are they feeling? What inspires them? What broke them down? When was the last time they cried?

I look at these people, look at these streets, these lights, these buildings, these flawed human tarpaulins, and I pity the people who sit behind me. They will never know the beauty of the city at 6 in the evening, when the sun sets by the bay. They will never witness having the moon play hide and seek with them. They will never witness rain so hard it blinded you, or sun so hot it burned your skin.

They will never feel a surge amount of appreciation for the little miracles – like your customer asking you how your day was. They will never know how sweet a simple “thank you” tastes like, after 8 hours of driving people – who drove you mad – home. They will never meet as many people as I have. I have had the luxury to meet a whole assortment of people, and I have had the privilege to learn from them. They will never know the darkest secrets of this city, when the lights are off and the people in the streets turned wary.

I’ve always wanted to explore – buildings and people and streets and skies – and I’ve told many of my friends that. They said it was impossible. Let me take them to my journey.


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