The Jeepney

A story of a day when everyone in a jeepney talked to each other. Everyone who’s ever been in a jeep for even just one time knows this never happens. But it did.

No one knew how it happened, or who started it. What they do remember is this: At the end of the jeepney ride, a girl got complimented, two people fell in love, an expectant mother had more to expect, a graduating senior found out more about college than he could ever have known in school, two past lovers finally had closure, and a hundred other stories were passed around. Faces were remembered,  and no one ever forgot.

Each one was dropped off with an echo of ‘goodbye!’s earnestly shouted. Each one walked home, realizing that he never knew any of their names. Each one knew it was okay.

Each one did the same thing the following day, to a whole different batch of people, in a completely different jeepney. And so on and so forth.

Something unexpectedly harmless happened to each one of them. And it changed them. Who said kindness had a price?


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