God is like the Sun

He is joy and light and He is everything bright and good in the world. Yet, His very being is too blinding, that we end up not seeing Him for what He really is – something even more massive than Earth herself. When we look up, we frown and cover our faces. We complain about how we’d rather be walking under the cool, pouring rain than this blistering heat. We see Him as a nuisance.

He is also the reason why shadows exist in the first place, for He only travels in a straight line. Every obstacle standing in His way becomes tainted with darkness. Yet, while these shadows are scattered amongst us, we must remember this: light triumphs all. And He will spread his arms across nations to bring that light into our faces once again.

So don’t frown while walking under the sunlight. Look up, close your eyes, and bask in it.


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