Yin and Yang

Today I realized something.

When we ask people for help about our personal problems, we are being selfish. We are thinking about ourselves. We reflect, we analyze our mistakes, we try to find out what’s wrong… We’re always thinking of ourselves. From the moments of brief concern for our physical appearance, when we casually ask, “Does this dress make me look fat?” to the moments of utmost vulnerability, when we tentatively ask, “Do you hate me?”, we are being utterly selfish.

But as we make ourselves selfish, we are asking others for help. We are giving others the chance to be selfless. From giving their opinions about others’ appearances, or talents, to giving people advice on how to nourish a broken heart, or fractured soul, we are helping them become selfless, to give a part of themselves to us – their opinion, their advice, their experiences.

So, going with this logic, when we ask for help, are we truly being selfish, when this very act helps others to become selfless?


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