Windows and eyes

All my years in high school, I’ve been staying

By the window, looking outside it, saying

“Life outside must be colorful”

Looking ’round me, in my fate, I was doubtful

It was on the very last day

That I finally looked away

When my eyes suddenly stumbled upon yours

Words faltered, and my voice went coarse

You started sitting beside the window

I sat on the other end, head down low

What am I looking at? The rain? Him? So painful

Not to know. All I do is that the view is beautiful

I thought, through the window, oh so naiive,

I have seen all the colors the world could give

But never have they been painted with the brown in your eyes

Like flecks of gold scattered quietly in a sunset sky

They asked, “Life outside must be colorful. But what’s wrong with the life in here?”


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