Highlights of my July 2014

Movies/Shows I watched for the first time:

  • Miracle in Cell #7 (July 5)
  • Angel Beats (July 5)
  • Noah (July 9)
  • Mirai Nikki (July 20-

Unforgettable Events:

  • Real life ship got canon 😉 (July 10)
  • Swimming with the Cortero family (July 12)
  • “Are you okay?” hihi :3 (July 14)
  • Lost electricity and water for the first time (July 16-19)
  • Picked up Ateng from the airport, then went to a funeral wake at Bay, Laguna (July 18)
  • First Search In; Circle 16 (July 25-27)

Books/Stories I read for the first time:

  • none


  • Jozelle Cutaran
    I was her guardian in my first Search In that I had to take care of


  • Airport – fetched ate Arra (July 5)

Other Miscellaneous Experiences:

  • Arlo Gregorio went to our school 😀
    We were in the library and we ran and hugged each other. It was fun.

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