Alter Ego Yearbook Writeup


[Warning: Spoilers from Book 1-4 of Legend of Korra ahead. Read at your own risk]

I am like Korra in many ways. Like her, I was expected to be great at such a young age. For her, since she was the Avatar, she was expected to save the world when she grew older, whereas since I had 90+ on my grade on my first test in grade school, I was expected to be the first person in my whole family – both my father’s and mother’s side – to graduate from college. Korra had her powerful bending powers, and I had my high scores in Grade 1, and since we were both told by our parents that we were ‘destined for greatness’, we had that childish confidence that only a child of summer like Korra and I could have.

Then, Korra had to learn air bending, and I had to go to high school. Winter came, and the harsh gust of wind brought by reality slapped us down into the ground. Like her, all the problems in the world seemed to affect me. I was naiively ready to save the world, but it was as if the world didn’t want me to. We had a purpose, but we seemed to fail everyone who had high expectations for us.


Recently, Korra had a near-death experience, and I reached my lowest point. Although we were usually friendly with everyone, we only trusted a few. There are some instances when we’d ask to be alone. These instances might last for days, maybe weeks. For the both of us, every single day seems like a battle. It’s tiring.

But we never give up. Like what Aang said, “When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.”


Korra had to be alone for three years, and in those three years, she beat herself up. She blamed herself for the death of the Earth Queen, for not being able to save herself like she always did before, for causing so much chaos in the world, for being so helpless and weak.


Korra’s not a perfect hero, and I am not a perfect student. Together, we had to face our fears, and we had to learn from our past. Sometimes, we’d feel so alone, as if we can’t depend on anyone. But our friends are always there, just waiting for us. I know they will never go away.


To have a TV show – a children’s show, at that – affect you, relate to you, change you in such a way… This is what I want to be.


This is how I see myself in the future.

Nickelodeon At 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International - Day 3

I want to be remembered as the person who was burnt to a crisp walking through scorching flames caused by the fire from her own two feet, but used her charred remains to create something so painfully beautiful.


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