Tonight was just perfect

Let me tell you what my perfect night feels like.

It’s one of those nights when you’re playing your favorite song (in my case, it was Wait by M83. A perfect song for when the sun is gone and solitude is your best friend) while strolling under the dark sky. It’s when the air is chilly, and it cools your damp hair. You feel fresh, and although your arms are a bit cold, your insides are warm and you feel content.

It’s one of those nights where you’re in the car and the temperature is cool, and the lights just pass by you in a blur, and you’re dreaming of dancing with him, of holding him, of simply being with him. You don’t think of shouts and arguments made out of misunderstanding and misplaced rage, like you usually do.

It’s one of those nights when you’re complete as a family. And everything is just… perfect. From every single food you’re blessed to eat, to every chime of laughter you’re lucky enough to even hear from the people you love the most. Everyone is in a good mood, for once. Your brother’s not pouting, your sister’s not complaining, your parents aren’t chastising. Your father’s not on the phone, your mother doesn’t look sad, and the best part? Everyone’s actually talking to each other.

To top it all of, tonight is special. Tonight is your parents’ 18th anniversary. Everyone’s smiling, teasing, joking, laughing. For once, every single part of you is content.

And when you walk, there’s a skip in your step. Your spine is straight, your eyes are facing forward. You feel confident. For once, you are not looking down. You are not wearing headphones. You are not slouching. For once, you actually feel pretty. You actually feel like you’re a beautifully grown teenage lady with such a carefree heart, mind and soul.

These nights are rare. So rare, I doubt most who would read this has actually experienced it – and I know that only a few do. And I am just thankful. So thankful for everything perfect that has happened tonight. I know it only lasted for a few hours, and I know it won’t last for long.

This perfection will end.

Perhaps tomorrow, your sister will start complaining again, your father will be on the phone again, your brother will be glued to his gadgets, and your mother will be away for work. Perhaps tomorrow, you might feel  like total crap, or you won’t feel as content with the world as you do right now.

But you are content right now. The night is perfect. You feel perfect. Sleep, and remember. This night was not a dream. This actually happened. This miracle is not a dream. Rather, it is a memory, but hey. It happened. The perfect night happened… Is that not what matters most?


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