Student Council Manifesto

A Manifesto I made as I ran for Grade 11 Representative A.Y. 2014-2015

Projects, Schoolwork, they’re all I don’t share

My health, the risks, so what? I don’t care

A challenge, they are, for me, I don’t mind

But this is all different. I’ll explain, if it’s fine

I’ve been a workaholic my whole entire life.

Boredom usually kills me more than a sharp knife

When the stress came crashing down on me, I had time for my friends.

I solved each of their problems, was there for them, made it end.

An adventure, I’ll surely have, representing this student body

A promise, we’ll make, and I speak for this party

Faithful Leaders Aiming for a Productive Progressive Youth; FLAPPY

We want, not only for you to be obedient, but also for you to be happy.

I stand in front of you now

Mighty, bold and proud!

Not as a student or a student leader

But as a seventeen-year-old; young, bright and meager

Proving to the world that it’s wrong, for

The youth of today can do so much more

Show off your talent! Alas, time is running up

You only live High School once, don’t waste it all up

And although I do not have a lot, I do have enough

Stick with me and this party, we’ll give this all we’ve got

But we need you to vote, give your everything too

Don’t give up on our adventure, we’ll never give up on you!

© Nicole Garcia


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