A Study on Learning Styles

A/n: Back in high school, we made a (semi) thesis on Learning Styles. This was a reflective essay required for our English subject, wherein we will give an introduction for our thesis paper.

Our educational system is flawed. I have complained about it, hated it, and yet, accepted it. I have accepted the fact that I will never be able to make a change, not as a student, not as a government official. I have suffered all throughout high school, allowed myself and others to devalue ourselves because of the grades that we don’t deserve.

In came Science and Technology Research (STR) class. In this class, we are to make a thesis, and we’ve decided to focus on learning styles. Our group’s goal is to classify people as Audio-Visual and Audi-Kinaesthetic learners. They will be taught, and their minds will be developed, in the way they were born to do and in the way their mind was created.

I have noticed that the school (not just our school, but schools all around the world, the ones that are accepted as the ‘social norm’) is more centered towards Visual learners. A classroom is not a classroom without a whiteboard. As student is not a student without his notebook and pen. What of Aural or Kinaesthetic learners?

They say it is our own fault if we fail, but I see it differently. I believe that the educational system – the very medium that should be encouraging us to do better – is becoming the very barrier between student-teacher.

Our research will not just make an impact on the students’ academic performance, but also on our teachers. They will understand that, although all students do not take the same path, they will all reach the same destination. They cannot force all to one specific path, and neither can they lead all students in the different paths that they are taking. What they can do is match their choice of path, and lead those who will follow him. After all, you cannot force all the teachers to lead a specific path, either.

The educational system will realize, through our research, that there is a definite diversity amongst students. Not all students need a pen and a notebook. Once they see the advantage of having Uniform Learning Styles, they might consider changing the system into something which we can all benefit in.

Even if our research will not be a success, it will still make a controversy, leading to encourage others to make a stand and do their own researches to change our educational system.

Assuming that every student is a Visual learner will truly affect our grades. The sooner people know that, the better.


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