Highlights of my March 2014

Movies/Shows I watched for the first time: 

  • Five People You Meet in Heaven (Mar 4)
    So we finally finished this film in school for our film review. It was nice, watching it with the whole class. I was amused by the different reactions certain scenes can conjure.
  • Divergent (Mar 21)
    The birthchild of Harry Potter and Hunger Games, I swear. The setting is Post-Apocalyptic (like HG) and everyone is divided into factions, based on one’s personality. When you’re 16, you can choose your own faction (like HP). It has a certain twist to it – the Divergents. Divergents are people who don’t fit society’s norms, and according to most people, they are a danger to the world and must be exterminated.
  • Captain America 2 (Mar 29)
    Sass level of this film was too damn high! But, seriously, I love this movie, and how it shows Captain America in a different light. In the first CA movie, we only saw Steve Rogers as a patriotic, selfless goody-goody two-shoes. In the Avengers, we saw him as someone too stupid to know anything about the modern world.  In this movie, we see the super soldier break down into a man who have lost a friend, a man trying desperately to get his friend back. We see a man who carelessly flirted with a spy, who held his heart loyally to his lover, and most of all, a man who had to choose between stopping and ending the Winter Soldier.
  • The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot (Mar 31)
    This was hilarious in so many levels. We see the actors of the classic Who, and how they act out of screen, we see Moffat playing with his action figures, and Russel T Davies spewing new and creative ideas in the end. It was wonderful.
  • Back to The Future Trilogy (Mar 31)
    Two words: Wibbly-wobbly Timey-wimey. Watching all 3 movies in one day, I believe I had a headache. I was looking for a plot hole the whole time, and found none. I did find something interesting though. Doc fell in love with a woman called Clara. In Doctor Who, the Doctor’s current companion is named Clara. Is this the Doctor Who crew’s shout-out to the most famous time-travel film in history?

Unforgettable Events: 

  • 3 days and 2 nights of Search-In! (Mar 7-9)
    I’m proud to be a Search-Inner (SInner), and part of Circle 15. The only sad thing about the whole program is that not most of my friends were able to enter. It truly is life-changing. The 3 most important days of my life.
  • I won a Loki Month Giveaway! (Mar 11)
    Although the person hasn’t told me more details…
  • CAT Final Exam (Mar 22)
    We weren’t able to do Firing, but the whole thing was fun. My favorite was when someone shouts “GRENADES!”, everyone has to drop down to the floor. When they sing the national anthem, you have to stand up as fast as you can.
  • Screen Showing of ‘Saydkar’ to the public (Mar 26-28)
    It’s a big deal for me, watching students watch our film. ‘Saydkar’ is the first film I’ve ever directed, and I’ve heard a fat lot of compliments from it. It aspires me to keep taking chances, and keep working hard.
  • Had a Graduation Surprise and Gift for Riza Malolos! (Mar 27)
    This took a lot of planning and in the end, it was all worth it. To let someone know how much they mean to others, well who wouldn’t want that, right? Riza’s meant a lot more to me after Search-In. She’s very special to me, because for the first time, someone told me what I’ve always wanted to hear. (and she gave me my first Marvel comic ever, I don’t think I can top that)

    Then, we had pizza, a Pokemon Tourney for Camille, Errol, Andre, Ian, CJ and Riza and Jenga for me, Paul and Arlo. Rani and Manna dropped by to say hi. After, we moved to One Mission Park, where we played Cards against Humanity with Paul, Riza, Camille, Errol and Arlo.

  • Last day of school! (Mar 29)
    I took a lot of photos with the seniors. We had fried oreos from Paul. I just walked around the 3rd and 4th floor, looking for friends. It was all so surreal, knowing none of them will be here in school next year. And I’ve only just met them. I also have a picture with Sir Mal, Ms Anne and Ms Loren along with my friends and we’re all in one picture. My most social day ever.

Books/Stories I read for the First Time: 

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul: Boost your Brain Power! (Mar 6)


  • Steaven Bueno (Mar 25)
    Ever since Search-In, I’ve met a bunch of new people, mostly from the upper batch. Steaven’s one of them. Out of curiosity, I asked about his tweets, and we talked for a while. It’s nice, helping and simply talking without asking for anything in return. I gave him an advice that I made up on my own:

    “You won’t exactly be parting with each other, if you have parts of each other.”

  • Jai, MG, Sofia, Ella and Rizza (Mar 25)
    Hung out with most of the Film Crew of ‘Saydkar’ and ‘Tanong’ after our first screening at Paseo. We walked around, and in the end we stayed at Moonleaf and played Monopoly Deal. It was a good day.
  • Kat, Camille and Ade (Mar 29)
    All four of us went to Galleria. I had fun with these 3. I talked about Divergent with Ade, and we had some catching along. Camille and Kat talked about cars and engines. Ade and Camille talked about living in the city and together, they re-visited their memories on how the city looked like when they were just a child. The road trip was enjoyable, indeed.
  • Tara Angela aka lokiheimr (Mar 30)
    One fine evening, Tara skyped me, asking if it’s okay if she calls. I say sure, and it became an evening to remember. She told me about her thesis defense tomorrow, and asked if it’s okay if she recites it to me. I say of course! Because this is psychology! I can do nothing but laugh as she fumbles with her notes because she was adorable! Although we never skype called again, it was fine for me, for it made that evening even more special.


  • Went to Bo’s Coffee for the first time! (Mar 2)
  • Sci Fi Café, SM Galleria! (Mar 29)
    After watching Captain America 2, we ate dinner in the Sci Fi Café. Our mouths and eyes were wide open as we roamed around the fandom restaurant that is too small for my taste. It should be bigger and grander with more props and everything. It has a costume rack, which you can browse and wear for free. The props that you can find outside of the displays can be played with for free. The menu was hilariously punny. We had a handful of pictures, and we left with a light heart and a heavy stomach. It wasn’t even that expensive.

Other Miscellanenous Experiences: 

  • Wrote Wanted, a Tony/Loki Highscool AU Prom Fic (Mar 2)
  • Went to school 1hr and 30mins before assembly (Mar 6)
  • Signed up for Student Council and went Campaigning (Mar 21)
  • Brain Train Diagnostic Test (Mar 23)
    Hung out with Kat, Tim, Boris and Camille at Paseo, Dairy Queen and Fiorgelato.
  • Watched the production of Teatro Lasalyano in the new school theatre! (Mar 25)
  • Played Cards against Humanity and Jenga for the first time! (Mar 27)



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