On Graduating

Humans feel a need to be connected. This is why we yearn for one more ‘favorite’, one more ‘like’. But this is also the reason why people love ‘shares’ and ‘retweets’ more. We love being tangled in a web full of connections. We love holding hands, singing as a group, being in a campfire. This is why we will miss Acquaintance Parties, Speech Choirs, and the people we did it with. This is why, to some, walking along a busy street in a city makes them feel at home, even when everyone is a complete stranger.

Graduating is realizing that the people around you, the people you were connected to, are going to grow without you. Your past groupmates in your past school subjects, your past classmates, your former lunch buddies… All of you are going to be thrown to a totally new environment and subconsciously, you worry. Are they going to be okay?

Think of it. Either way, it’s terrifying.

If they are not going to be okay, that is definitely something to worry about, and it will hurt to feel helpless. You are in one place, and they are in another. When you were in high school, your friends would post a ‘status’ or tweet something sad, and you were there to comfort them the next schoolday. You can’t do that now.

If they are going to be okay, well… They don’t need you. They can manage without you, and doesn’t that hurt more?

Humans want to be connected. Graduation is a threat to that feeling of connection, and the people experiencing it feels fear. That is why graduating is so terrifying. That is why the graduating people are either in denial, or in tears. In a way, they are saying goodbye to the people they felt connected with, just in case it was their last time, wishing that it wasn’t.

In some way, the fear of fading away from the people we connect with, connects us even more. Don’t you see? Each and every graduating student is afraid of losing each other, of losing the connection. Fear connects them even stronger.

Humans feel a need to be connected. If a unity of tears and sadness, hugs and goodbyes, will make them feel connected, then so be it. Let’s say our goodbyes, feel connected one more time. One last time. I won’t be there to see my friends graduate.

So here’s my goodbye. Let’s hope this is not the last time.


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