Highlights of my February 2014

Movies/Shows I watched for the first time:

  • The Walking Dead – New Episodes (Feb 9-??)
    So The Walking Dead came back this Feb 9! I’ve been so nervous the whole month, waiting for a major character to get bit! Ugh, the suspense is slowly killing me. Thankfully, (or unfortunately, depending on how you see it), no one’s been hurt yet. 
  • William (Feb 7)
    A comical Tagalog play about William Shakespeare, and how his works affect our modern high school students. I enjoyed it 🙂
  • Robocop (Feb 8)
    This movie actually impressed me, and it intrigued me to watch the past Robocop film/s. Although this modern sci fi movie is sure to have more eye-popping effects, I’m interested in comparing the plot of the Robocop now and the Robocop before. I admit that the message behind the movie I’ve watched was clearly stated (and no doubt stayed in the minds of the more observant audiences), but I’d like to know if the movie this was adapted from was just as deep. The ratings in IMDb seems to show that the 1984 version was better.

Unforgettable Events:

  • Loki Month!!! I did a few metas, which can be found here.
  • Went to my First Film Festival Ever!! Won 6 awards out of 10, including Best Director and Best Film! Woot! 🙂 (Feb 21)
  • PROM! And Ragnarok! On the same day! Wore my Loki/Prom Dress! (Feb 22)
  • Called my crush and asked him out to Valentine’s (Feb 13)
  • School Food Bazaar! Sold Pizza Fries and a little bit of Funnel Cake and Cotton Candy. (Feb 28)

Books/Stories I read for the first time:

  • Thor: Trials of Loki by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
    Riza gave me a Marvel Comic Book as a birthday present. MY FIRST MARVEL COMIC EVER!! It includes vagye Norse Myth references, like the cutting of Sif’s hair, the sewing of Loki’s lips, etc.  (Feb 7)
  • War is Kind by vs_milton
    Someone in real life gifted me a thing for my birthday!! Rhia, our Writing Club Chief, wrote me a Loki/Sif angst fic for my birthday. Thank you, Rhia 🙂 
  • Do or Do Not series by andquitefrankly
    My most favorite fanfic series of the MONTH! Frostiron Highschool AU. Fully loaded with geek references. JUST EVERYWHERE. I recommend it to all of my friends, even those who aren’t shippers. It’s slow, it’s funny, and definitely enjoyable. It truly was an escape from reality from me. My own twisted paradise. I love it 🙂


  • Red Anton (Feb 6)
    Well, this guy I liked 6 years ago started talking to me again in Facebook. We talked about college and other random stuff. It was good. 🙂 
  • I saw Rani in the flesh! (Feb 7)
    It was at Shakey’s, and the first thing we did was hug. Will never forget that 🙂 (Feb 7)
  • Aron’s girlfriend (Feb 7)
    I also met her at Starbucks during the same day! 
  • Arlo Gregorio (Feb 7)
    Also met him for the first time, also at Shakey’s (wow i had so many new friends!). He was frakking hilarious, and it turned out he was friends with my friend so it didn’t feel too awkward. 


  • Went to the Money Museum in the Central Bank of the Philippines: Honestly, I feel like our stay here was just absolutely too short. We only had about 30 minutes to look around. (Feb 7)

Other Miscellaneous Experiences:

  • Sang ‘No Words’ by The Script in front of the whole class.
  • Ate Razzles for the first time (Feb 12)
  • Family Day (Feb 14-15)
    Quite… uneventful. This is what happens when you dream too much. Just lazed around with friends. And waited… 
  • Mala-meet (Alaskan Malamute Meet) at BoniHigh (Feb 23)
  • Borrowed Arlo’s huge CD collection
  • Listened to the Beatles for the first time

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