Highlights of my January 2014

So I wasn’t able to make a diary for every day of the month. That was when I decided to make THIS. A diary for the whole month! Just to cancel out the boring days and highlight the good ones. All in jumbled up random order.

Movies/Shows I watched for the first time:

  • Marley and Me (Jan 25) 
    I choked in my own tears watching the last part. It took me long enough to finally get my hands on a copy of this movie. After watching this, I watched 8 Below, which obviously is not a good idea if you’re a dog lover. Don’t try this at home, kids. Very dangerous. Dangerously depressing.
  • Game of Thrones (Jan 31-?) 
    I’ve only watched it until episode 4 of season 1. But I have loved the story so far. I’ve read halfway through the book last year, and I like how close the story of the show is to the book. My favorite, so far, has to be Daenerys Targaryen and Arya Stark. Such badass women. The Lannisters fckin piss me off, except Tyrion.
  • Ender’s Game (Jan 29) 
    Beautiful graphics and science fiction gadgets and stuff. But there’s a lack of character development. I feel that everything was just a tad bit rushed. Still, I love the plot twist at the end. It made the movie a bit better.
  • 47 Ronin (Jan 19)
    Amazing! Just such an amazing movie! Packed with the Japanese culture, fiction, and a legend to be remembered, always. 
  • August Rush (Jan 26) 
    It is a fact that you are not a musician, artist or a lover of both or either music or art if you haven’t watched this. It’s an amazing movie, with a moving story. Fully recommended to all artists of any form out there.
  • Sherlock Season 3
    Horrible series. Made me cry so much. 

Unforgettable Events: 

  • School Sports Fest
  • Camille’s Birthday! (Jan 13)
  • Dog Show (Jan 26)
  • Picnic at Nuvali with friends! (Jan 4)
  • La Salle’s Eco Car
  • Career Talk in school (Jan 29)

Books/Stories I read for the first time:

  • Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom (Jan 26-27)
    I got a copy of this book from a dentist in our hospital. I finished it in two days. I was actually shocked at the fact that this was based on true story. I didn’t know until I read the whole thing! I guess that’s what made the whole thing more beautiful than it already is.
  • Animal Farm by George Orwell
    I got attracted to the story the moment I laid eyes on it in the library. I read the first few lines, and I immediately borrowed it. I loved the last line of this book. It delivered its message perfectly. I love the layers and layers of symbolism packed in one small story.  
  • in her garden grew hyacinths by LadyCharity (An angsty Thorki fanfic)
    This fanfic! Fully recced to all Thorki fans. This hurt so much.


  • I met Rani! 
    I first noticed her in Facebook. She’s my friend’s friend. I saw my friend and a bunch of other students (including Rani) in their ‘creative shot’ outfits for their graduating picture. I noticed her because she was wearing a Thor costume. She went to school as Lady Thor. That, for me, was incredibly badass and awesome and I knew that I wanted to be her friend. I freaked out for a while and jumped around my bed smiling that night. I’m glad I met her. 

Other miscellaneous experiences:

  • Played volleyball with a classmate
    Such a minor thing to include, I know. But this was the first time I interacted with someone who wasn’t in my circle of friends. And I was doing sports. 

  • Practicum teacher was a friend of mine 😀 (Jan 23-24) 
    This practicum friend is Riza. She’s my first ever friend who is actually older than me, and she was our Computer teacher for a day. It was fun. 
  • Played Assassin’s Creed in PS4 for the first time! (Jan 11) 
    I’ve never played a game for such a long time, this day actually meant a lot to me. You can say my eyes were finally open to the world that I tried to shut down for years.
  • Made my own River Song Diary! (Jan 2-3) 
    This River Song Diary was my first ever ‘personal project’. I’m actually quite proud of how it turned out. 
  • Watched everyone else get ‘promposed’
    This is actually a big deal to me. It was the first time love in my generation was openly accepted in school. It didn’t matter that it didn’t happen to me. What mattered was that it happened. I love love. I love it when people share it. 

Ideas I had this month:


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