Or so the grown-ups say

“Money is everything. Therefore you must study hard NOT because you want to learn about the world and it wonders but because money is everything so you need high grades so you can have a job and waste your life away rotting in a place you don’t call home, trying to earn up enough money to get something you can never have and once you have it you’ll just keep wanting more and more and you will never be content with life. This is what I’ve been doing. So I pass it on to you, the next generation. Corruption was not fixed during my time, why should it be demolished in yours? Because you think you can change the world if you follow your passion? I am older than you and I know for a fact that you are wrong. Five thousand years will pass and this will still be the cycle of life because that’s just the way it is and if no one in my generation can, then no one in yours can, too.”

“Money is everything. Therefore if you do not force the lessons to be hardwired into your head, you will fail in school and that means you will fail in life in general – you are a failure in every sense of the word just because you won’t have high grades so that means you won’t have a job in the future no one will accept you your friends won’t accept you I won’t accept you you will be alone in the world and you’ll live life as a peasant begging in the streets without three full meals a day and all the time I spent just so you can have a ‘good life’ is wasted. You sucked in school and therefore you, as a whole, sucks too. I don’t care if you can make art or music or if you’re talented that’s just a hobby stop being interested in such things! You will never get rich from that and you know what that means? It means you are worthless and stupid and dumb – a waste of empty space. You are nothing because you HAVE nothing you don’t have money. The worth of you as a whole is measured by how much you have materialistically.”

Everyone has thought of these about others. Because everyone has heard others say the same things to them. In the end, these words will just go on a full circle, and it will never stop. The sad thing about this is, no one really knows how much it truly affects the thoughts and actions of the person they said it to. Not until it’s too late.


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