On teenagers and girls and how ‘love’ is such a shallow problem

“For our story, let’s think of a problem that our teenager character has to face every day. Oh, love as a main problem for the character? Nah. This girl’s intelligent. She won’t be depressed over something as shallow as love.”

You hear it every day. As a writer, an amateur film making student, an activist, and a teenager myself, I am tired of this constant stereotype about the girls and boys my age. It is not because I face love as a problem myself, but because I feel it unfair that some problems are deemed ‘shallow’ and others are deemed ‘important’.

“Oh, someone died? Now that’s a big problem. Cancer? Economic crisis? Adopted? Tragic.

But wait, you’re crying because you failed a test? Oh for goodness’ sake, it’s just one test! You can work harder in the next test! But losing a relative… you can never get that back.”

“Oh, darling! It’s just one boy! There are plenty of others out there. Get over it, suck it up. Don’t let yourself mope around for something so pathetic.”

“Dude that person’s not real. He’s fictional. So what if he dies?”

It’s not about the problem. It’s about how much you care.



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