On Talking and Consciousness

The only difference between not having a conscience and having one is that the latter means having the ability to talk. 

Just think about it – how do people start rallies? How do they fight back? They use their words. It starts as a thought, and then it will be talked about casually in small whispers. But those whispers grow louder, as more people agree with the same idealism. Soon, talking turns to shouting. Shouting turns to war. War becomes a turning point. People’s minds change. A New World will begin.

If dogs can talk, they would talk about how badly they’ve been mistreated. They will have the ability to defend their rights, make us look like we’re the bad ones. But honestly, we are. We cage them, leash them, beat them. We took away their freedom to eat whenever they want. Why? “Well, they’re dogs. They’re not as intellectual or advanced as us.” Why is this so? Simple – Ability to talk. Who knows, maybe they are as wise as us? We’ll never know their side of the story. They can’t speak their mind.

The ability to talk allows us to speak our minds. We speak our minds because there are things in the world that we were careful enough to observe. We have the ability to observe because we are conscious. If a whole specie do not have the ability to talk, how do we know if they are conscious?

How can we be sure?


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