Gravity (2013) on IMAX 3D: A Review

It was my first time to watch a movie in IMAX 3D. In my opinion, it was hard to differentiate it that much from an average Digital Theater, 2D version. The “3D”-ness of the movie was not that extravagant. It only began to become apparent when the debris started hurtling towards them at a rapid, non-stop pace. I felt myself dodging as the rocks seemed to speed towards me.

On the other hand, the sounds were absolutely fantastic. The combination of having loud, clear speakers and a movie score that changed vastly in volume made the whole experience worth the time and the money.

There are times when it would go eerily silent, even when the whole screen was on fire. At other times, the score would slowly become deafeningly loud.

What it lacked in action, it made up in cinematography. It was fascinatingly realistic, especially during the 0G (Zero Gravity) scenes.

Plotwise, nothing much happened. There weren’t any big revelations, no social issues it be resolves, no conflict in morality. There was only one mission – go back home to Earth – and only one way to do it. It’s either she dies, or she lives. Not much thrill to that, honestly. No alternate universes, no “what if”s.

But maybe… maybe that was the whole point of the movie.

To me, I interpreted Gravity as a movie that focuses on the present. It’s about being aware of the ‘here and now’. During every moment of silence, we come to a realization that… if we ever tried our hands at travelling on space, we will be facing this problem every time. Unlike 2001: A Space OdysseyGravity is a film about space that specifically points out reality. It is unique because, unlike the other Hollywood films that filled our minds with action and drama and showed us the future a thousand years from now, or the past a hundred years before, this film was about humanity… just a few years in the future. It shows nothing but one “what if”. What if we stepped out of our safety zone?


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