Public vs Private Schoolteachers

 Written on March 6, 2013

The world depends on teachers, and I don’t understand why public school teachers are not getting the rewards they deserve. As a matter of fact, I think public school teachers are more important, and should have more respect than private school teachers, simply because they are teaching the minds, correcting the morals, guiding the souls, of more than 75% of the whole student population in the whole country. Now, where would our country be if these teachers did not do a good job?


Where would we be if they manipulated them, forced their own opinions, choked their students, with lies, impurity, and impressive ways to deceive? Where would we be if they simply just quit, because of the lack of respect, because of the lack of appreciation, because of the lack of salary?


These public school teachers handle almost twice, and sometimes thrice, the number of students private school teachers do. I cannot stress just how much the future of the world depends on them. Because parents of these children, the government of our country, put their faith on these teachers to teach them rightfully.


These teachers can tell the 40 students in their classroom that being who you want to be is sinful, wrong, and that you will be damned to hell if you are in any way different or unique, and these students will believe them. These teachers can drill into their heads that math and science is simply all about memorization, and these students will obey. These teachers can order their students, scold them, tell them they are unworthy to live simply because life is a race and they are already too far behind to catch up, and these students will listen. These teachers shape almost 10, 000 students in their whole career.


One act of ignorance done every day to the same student and he will think he is unworthy of attention, that he has nothing to show. Favoritism amongst the class of 45 students will drive the students to compete, not for the sake of knowledge, but for the sake of getting the higher grade.


Do you see why they are so important?


Whereas, private teachers can attend to every need of each individual, one moment at a time, simply because they only have to nurture 30 or less students.


And yet private teachers get a higher pay than public teachers.


If these private teachers go wrong, if they teach the students to make sins, it won’t make a revolution, simply because these students are only 20-30% of the whole student population in the whole country, and the number of public students outweigh them. In the end, the influence of the majority wins.


But if said influcence of the majority is a bad one, well, what happens to the country? What happens to the future generation? What happens to humanity? What happens to us?


Do you see why they are so important now?


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